Curb appeal is all about that first impression – so how do you make the best one possible?

Start with your entry sign’s logo, design, and color palate. Each element combines into a cohesive whole that tells the story of your property.

Then, accent your signage with the right plants, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and decorative elements. If you do it right, prospects and residents alike will want to slow down to admire your beautiful curb appeal landscaping – and maybe even pop into your office or give you a call for more information.

Here are our top tips for improving the landscaping around your property’s entry signs:

1. Add Mulch Beds Around Monument Signs

Weed whackers and mowers can wreck your signage if landscapers accidentally get too close. Put mulch beds around monument signs to prevent this type of damage.

2. Protect Signs from Vandals and Wayward Kids

Plant thorny flowers or bushes around your monument signs. This is an effective way to prevent kids from climbing on them and vandals from tampering with them.

3. Add a Natural Frame to Monument Signs for Bigger Impact

Frame your entry monument sign with taller trees and bushes on the sides, and shorter foliage in the front. This type of natural frame sets off your sign and makes it pop.

4. Remove Overhanging Tree Branches

Make sure there aren’t any trees hanging over the top of your entry sign. Rainwater run-off from trees and foliage above your sign can stain it. If overhanging trees are unavoidable, make sure to set up a routine cleaning schedule with maintenance so your sign doesn’t stain or damage over time. Make sure to use only sign safe cleaners on your entry sign, such as our DIY Sign Cleaning Formula.

5. Add Seasonal Flowers as Accents

Add seasonal flowers to the front of your entry signage to change up the landscape and keep your entrance looking fresh for each unique season. Just make sure to select colors that match or complement your branding as much as possible.

6. Make Sure Your Curb Appeal Landscaping Doesn’t Block Your Signage

Make sure landscaping is framing your signage and not blocking it. A good way to determine this: Take a drive with a colleague and have them take photos of your property entrance from different directions and angles as you drive past. View the pictures later to make sure your signage is easily visible for prospective residents driving by.

7. Keep Your Address Number Clear and Readable (Not an Afterthought)

Make sure your address number is clearly visible on your signage for first responders and folks trying to find the property that have never visited.

Of course, keep in mind that your address numbers should be incorporated into your monument sign design in matching fonts and colors. (Don’t just slap cheap numbers on as an afterthought.)

8. For Flexible Curb Appeal Landscaping, Use Planters and Pots

If you need a more flexible way to add curb appeal landscaping to your signage, use planters and pots. You’ll be able to easily add and change out foliage or flowers and enhance the style of your entrance.

9. Keep Your Signage Clean

A dirty sign looks neglected and… well… dirty. This is a direct reflection of what prospective residents will think of inside of the property. Set up a regular maintenance routine for your signage. Keep your signage clean using our DIY sign cleaning formula.

10. Use Symmetry

To enhance your signs and please the eye, focus your landscaping on symmetry around your signage. Mirror elements like bushes and shrubs on each side of the sign. Repeat sizes, colors, and numbers of plants.

11. Complement Your Signage with the Right Landscaping Colors

If your signage has bright colors, go with simple shrubbery so you won’t distract from the text and logo. Use small amounts of accent colors in your accent plants.

If your signage has minimal colors, brighten things up with brighter foliage surrounding it to guide the viewer’s eyes to the sign.

12. Match Your Property, but Not Too Much

Your signage should match your property, but also provide enough contrast so it stands out. If your sign fades into the landscape, nobody will notice it.

To avoid this, choose one contrasting color from your building colors that also works with your branding.

13. Dress Up Your Signs for the Holidays

Show your holiday spirit by adding accent outdoor décor to your signage. Incorporate seasonal landscape decorations and foliage to add some festive flair.

14. Prevent Water Damage

Point sprinkler heads away from signage – hard water can damage them and cause unsightly stains.

15. Make Signs Viewable at Night

Make sure to up light your signage enough for nighttime viewing along with the surrounding landscaping. This is a great way to showcase your property so that people driving by will see your beautifully lighted entrance amidst a dark backdrop at night.

16. Hide Unsightly Sprinkler Heads or Hoses with Shrubbery

Landscaping is great for hiding outdoor equipment that can mess up your curb appeal. Use small bushes and shrubbery to conceal sprinkler heads, for instance.

17. Signage Looking Tired? Time for a Replacement or Facelift from Oakhurst Signs

If your signage is looking dilapidated, worn, stained, damaged, or tired, it’s time for a refresh.

Work with us at Oakhurst Signs and give your existing property signage or entry sign a facelift or replacement.

Contact Oakhurst Signs today for a quote, or give us a call at 727-532-8255. Our friendly staff, experience, know-how, and niche expertise can make your signage a beautiful enhancement to your property.